Ketone Test Strips by NKD Living - 120 strips

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Our lab-grade keto strips provide fast reliable testing for people on the ketogenic, paleo or low carbohydrate diets and they are easy to use and more cost effective than blood strip testing.

In a state of ketosis, your body switches from depending on carbohydrates for energy to burning fats for fuel. When the body metabolises fat, it generates molecules called ketones. Ketone testing strips are used to measure the levels of these ketone bodies in our urine. Our ketone strips are a quick and reliable way to know if you’re in ketosis.

How Many Strips Come In A Package?

To prevent oxidation of the test strips and to increase their life span NKD Living test strips are packed in 2 separate packs of 60 strips. This allows you to open the strips at different intervals.

120 TEST STRIPS IN 2 STAY FRESH PACKETS - 2 x 60 individual packets. This helps prevent oxidation of all the test strips. A natural process that happens to all measuring strips.

PROFESSIONAL KETONE DETECTION IN 15 SECONDS - These strips were designed professionally and developed by a Doctor

EASY TO USE KETONE MEASURING CHART - We have a clear and easy to use ketone concentration measuring chart so you can keep on track.