KetoCacao White Chocolate

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Other bars are filled with sugars and other junk your body doesn't need. A regular white chocolate bar has up to 30g sugar which causes blood sugar spikes that make your energy crash and your cravings out of control. In the long term, this can contribute to weight gain and many health issues.

  • Makes snacking on a keto, low-carb lifestyle stress-free and delicious.
  • Does not raise blood sugar or kick you out of ketosis.
  • Helps curb cravings and gives long-lasting energy.
  • Deliciously rich and creamy chocolate
  • Made with clean, organic ingredients that are good for you.
  • A true ketogenic chocolate bar high in healthy fats from MCTs and organic cacao, and only 1g net carb per bar.
  • Practical snack for busy days, and on the go.



*46% Cocoa butter, *Erythritol, *Chia seeds, *Coconut milk powder, MCT oil powder with Acacia fiber (100% derived from coconuts). *Organic


Nutritional information per bar (50g): 

21g fat, 10g carbs, 9g erythritol, 1g net carb.

How to store it:

Chocolate tastes better when stored at room temperature (between 17 - 25 degrees Celsius). We recommend not storing your bars in the fridge.