FITAID ZERO - Sweetened with only Monk Fruit & Stevia

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FITAID ZERO | Keto-Friendly

Sugar-Free Recovery for Your Active Lifestyle

The FITAID ZERO Recovery Blend provides high-quality, clean nutrients with ZERO SUGAR to help your body recover after any physical activity or exercise. Naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit & Stevia, each can of FITAID ZERO is low-cal, Keto-friendly and has a refreshing Citrus taste you'll love.

  • Made with only the good stuff, none of the junk!
  • Only 5 calories per can, naturally sugar-free
  • Naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit & Stevia
  • Never any artificial flavours or sweeteners—NO sucralose, NO aspartame, NO sodium
  • Best enjoyed ice-cold after the gym or any physical activity
  • FITAID ZERO Recovery Blend contains 0g of sugar + essential nutrients like BCAAs, Glutamine, Glucosamine, Electrolytes, CoQ10, Omega-3s & Turmeric.
  • 45mg of natural caffeine from Green Tea Extract, B-Complex and Quercetin (with no added caffeine, no Taurine) to keep you energized naturally without any jitters.