Adonis Low Sugar Crunchy Turmeric Snack Bars with Brazil Nuts

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Meet Adonis' new Turmeric, Orange and Brazil Nuts bar. Filled with large crunchy brazil nut pieces, superfood turmeric and ginger powder, this totally guilt-free bar will provide your body with the heart-healthy fats it needs and the sweet afternoon fix you need.

  • Low in sugar : less than 5% per bar!
  • Low in carbohydrates : less than 3g impact carb*
  • Vegan friendly
  • Dairy and soy free
  • Gluten free
  • Suitable for paleo and ketogenic diets


Brazil Nuts (30%), Coconut, Chicory Root Fiber, Almonds, Sweetener (Natural Erythritol), Chia Seeds (salvia hispanica, 5%), Turmeric Powder (3%), Emulsifier (natural sunflower lecithin), Coconut Oil, Cherry Powder, Natural Orange Extract (1%), Water, Ginger Powder, Sea Salt, Natural Almond Extract.

Warning: Product contains nut.

*Impact carbs are simple carbs and have fast release energy. Complex carbs such as the natural erythritol that we use in our products minimally impact blood sugar levels.