About us


We are Tom and Cristina and we are the owners of KetoSupply and we are based in the South of England.

We have discovered the Ketogenic diet a few years ago and stuck to it since then. Being on the diet for so long pushes you on searching for new products, new varieties, always on the pursue of substitutes for our favourite products. 

In the UK the Ketogenic diet is still new and so many of the products are still not widely available in shops across the country. We have then decided to open our own online shop where we can share new and exciting products with like minded people. We are hoping this would make your life a bit easier and will keep you going and sticking to diet.

We are working on a Blog where we can share some of our favourite receipes with you and to also keep you up to date with everything happening new with our store. 

Thank you for visiting our store, if you have any questions please do get in touch via our email contact@ketosupply.co.uk.

Tom & Cristina